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A few months back, Michael Pollan commented in a New York Times book review that the “food movement” might be the thing that finally brings together all the pieces. He didn’t say it quite like that – he meant issues of poverty/hunger, agricultural policy, global warming, local economy – but the more I track the various tangents of the food movement, the more I see its wisdom appearing in unexpected places, creating a bright web with my plate at it’s center.
I recently started working in the fundraising department at the American Institute for Cancer Research. I took the job over another that would have landed me more squarely in food advocacy, but for many reasons, this was the better job choice for the time. I’ve been thrilled to discover that the majority of the research funded by AICR is directly related to nutrition, exercise and weight. 90% of their educational materials focus on how to eat to prevent cancers – and 30-40% of the cancer typical to Americans today is preventable with a healthy diet and exercise sufficient to maintain a healthy weight. I’m (happily) bombarded with pictures of apples and spinach every single day. (more…)


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I am happily back on track in my weight loss efforts, and today I’m thanking my lucky stars and writer  Jen Walker at My Morning Chocolate for introducing me to Svelt Gormand.

This week My Morning Chocolate interviewed Svelt Gourmand writer Camille Noe Pagan, and I enjoyed the interview so I clicked over to Svelt to see what it was all about. I didn’t expect to be inspired, but I was!

cilantro mmm!

Svelt Gourmand not only covers food – recipes and nutritional profiles on great foods we should be eating more of to replace all those things we should not be eating – but also superb interviews with interesting and knowledgeable people in the food world that really inspired me in my quest to make better choices (in both food and life!).

For example, in a post titled “The Well-Spiced Life”, Camille interviews food writer Monica Bhide. She writes cookbooks featuring Indian dishes from her childhood. She remembers her grandmother teaching her to tell how fresh cilantro is by its scent. She also left a mainstream career in engineering to cook and write. *le sigh*

Another great post I read was an interview with trainer Pete Cerqua. He talked about great foods to eat while trying to lose weight and feed yourself good things. Avocados and huge salads were high on his list – a formula I know to be true! His diet advice seemed easy and in keeping, for the most part, with other food rules I try to live by. And of course, I swooned when he said cilantro.

Then I just did a search for cilantro. One more gem: a story of locally grown, in-season tomatoes turned into Tomato Gazpacho with Dungeoness Crab Salsa and I said, “Holy Jesus.”

There’s lots there besides cilantro, but honestly, I can diet happily so long as there’s cilantro.

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