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Last week at the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market I bought something new and tantalizing: merguez sausage. I’d never heard of it so I asked the vendor at the Groft’s Content Farm booth what it was.

He said, “It’s a spicy lamb sausage, reminds me of chorizo.” Sounded good to me!

I’ve since done a little reading and learned that merguez is a North African sausage made of lamb and sometimes a lamb/beef combination. Typical seasonings include sumac, cayenne, paprika and harissa. I also found a host of recipes to try that sound fantastic, from merguez with  collards and couscous to merguez baguette sandwiches. I made merguez sausage with eggs and refried back beans one morning, and another morning I made black bean and merguez tacos on soft corn tortillas with salsa and tangy chopped purslane. I also want to try it broiled and sliced thin as a substitute for pepperoni on homemade pizza.

Check your local markets for this delicious sausage. I’ll add better photos and recipes to the recipe section as I make more scrumptious dishes.


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For the remainder of the 2010 Blogathon, Saturday’s posts will be photos only. I hope you love these as much as I do. Photography makes my heart happy.

Gratis: bike repair and French street music

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Forests of plants and frontiers of fruit


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