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Wisdom, extracted by Andreas, via Flickr Creative Commons

December 10 – Wisdom Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? – reverb10

I feel like 2010 was a cascade of decisions – things to do and not do, places to go and places to leave, what gets my time and what doesn’t. Underlying it all was my decision (acutally made right before 2010, but made in the spirit of 2010) was to begin writing One/Week. Cultivating my voice here has made so many other parts of my life this year richer. I set some goals for One/Week last year. Here’s what I wrote: (more…)


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31 Posts Later

A month ago I signed on to participate in the 2010 WordCount Blogathon. Thirty-one posts in thirty-one days. Now, 31 posts later, I’ve covered some ground, and learned a thing or two.

Here are a few stats:

I wrote 2 book reviews.

I posted 2 guest posts, both on the topic of personal food politics.

I posted one list of five links to great food news, one list of blogs I discovered and enjoyed during the Blogathon, and one list of 100 things about me.

I posted two Meat-free Monday meal suggestions, a recipe for grilled onions and a recipe for a great cocktail.

I set aside Saturdays for photo posts.

Other topics: my bad habits, my love of dirt, and my love for the Monkey.

Posting every day was hard. But it was a challenge I lived up to. And I am better for it, and I think my blog is better for it. The Monkey is glad it’s over. I’m going to miss the impetus to post daily, but I think my weekly (or often more than weekly) posts will be richer for having learned to post every day. I’d love to hear what others thought of my daily posts – what you liked or what you found dull, which topics rung true and which fell flat.
Thanks to all who share this with me.

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Before One/Week, I tried my hand at a few other blogs. I clearly knew I wanted to write something, and I wanted to do it in the open and creative blog community, but finding just what I wanted to write took me some time. When I finally settled on the idea of a blog chronicling a year of posts on things that matter to me, I felt I’d hit on the thing I could stick to. Then I reached out for some help. As I’ve mentioned before, I reached out to my blogging spirit guide Amanda Hirsch, and one of my questions for her was “What books do you recommend?” She didn’t have any to recommend and I recall replying that she should write one. I didn’t give up my search though, and I finally ordered – because I had to get my Amazon order total up to $25 to get the free shipping – a bubble gum pink paperback called The IT Girl’s Guide to Blogging with Moxie by Joelle Reeder and Katherine Scoleri. I was looking for something a little less than an all out WordPress masterpiece on cascading style sheets and something a little more than Blogging for Dummies. All in all, Blogging with Moxie fit the bill.

The authors, Joelle and Katherine (owners of Moxie Design Studios), lend a lot of personality to the book, so the writing is, well, estrogen friendly. It’s a little over the top, as if Carrie Bradshaw was the target audience, for example, “Chapter 1: Breaking into Blogging without Breaking a Nail”, or “Chapter 7: Dressing Up Your New Blog: I feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty” (with a section called Templates, The Slipdresses of Blogs). OK, ladies, whatever, I may be downing the occasional Sweet Chrysanthemum but I bite my nails and I wear t-shirts. Each chapter ended with a little “congratulate yourself with a [bubble bath/cosmo/frappe] that at first annoyed me but finally just amused me. (more…)

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In hopes of being inspired for today’s post, I looked back at my post on “What Success Looks Like”, my catalog of hopes for this blog when I began it at the beginning of 2010. I wrote:

"My latest posts are oysters."

One/Week is my creative incubator. It is a motivation to write, and a place where I can expand on new ideas that inspire me. And, by the end of the year, will reveal the themes I am most passionate about, guiding my future writing. It is a motivation to keep my photography fresh, to show the beauty of the things around us every day, and practice the art I love. It is also a way to put my craft in front of the eyes of others, and I hope it brings me more opportunities to make photos for other people. It is a motivation to find my voice – in words and pictures. (more…)

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As I commented on in my post on Window Shopping, internet interactions look different than “real life” but have similar themes. I have had a great time reading new blogs by the many blogathon participcants. I intend to make a visit to each of the blogs participating in the 2010 WordCount Blogathon. (See a full list here.) So many varied voices and styles – pleasure to meet you all. But today I want to nod at a handful that have already kept me coming back and earned comments because what you’re writing resonates with me. Cheers, new friends! (more…)

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There is a lot to be said for impetuous acts. The impromptu weekend road trip, the blind date, the improv class. I’ve never shied from these impetuous little acts and they’ve typically paid off well for me. I can attribute my photography career to an impetuous enrollment in photo school, my marriage to an impetuous first date, my current charmed existence to an impetuous move to the big city.

To be impetuous – and to have that end in delight and not in tears – requires, I think, knowing when you’re ready, and pouncing on opportunity. Let me clarify:

Impetuous + unprepared = disaster.

Impetuous + prepared = magic!

May 1: Blogging on the balcony.

So, my most recent impetuous decision was to sign up for the 2010 WordCount Blogathon. (You can see the eye-catching logo there to the right.) My friend and blogging spirit guide Amanda signed up, and like a true disciple, I followed suit. The object: to blog every day in the month of May.

This clearly defies the title of One/Week. Will you bear with me, readers, while One/Week temporarily becomes One/Day?

A few rules for myself:

  • Not every post can be about food.
  • Not every post can be in essay form.
  • Every post must still include a photo I shot.
  • Every post must still fit the description of “things that matter to me” – no posts on what a boring day it’s been or why homemade popcorn is better than movie theater popcorn.

One/Week is just over four months old, and I’ve really gotten attached. I’m ready to jump in with both feet and play with her every day for this month and see where each of us ends up.

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