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There are a lot of things I can do, and I do a lot of those. And there’s something I can’t do, which is everything. That is to say, I can’t do everything. Also I can’t eat everything. My cravings and my goals are similar in that way.

As anyone who’s read my blog for a while knows, my interests are broad. Exhibit A, the category cloud to the right. And somewhere in here are a few posts detailing my many bold goals and determined plans for myself. Near the top is finally going to college – not for the sake of going though the Monkey supportively says that’s enough of a reason in his book for me to go – but to facilitiate a career change from fundraising to sustainable agriculture advocacy. It’s a serious craving, and a very big helping on my already full/filling plate.

And if you’ve read my blog in the last month I might have mentioned that I am pregnant. I don’t have cravings per say, for a single food or for an odd combination of foods,  though for a week or so I ate many pickles. What I get are fixations. I see a picture or hear someone mention a food and I cannot stop thinking about how much I want to eat it. I’ve made side trips to markets and bakeries to satisfy these fixations. Nothing outrageous. Just, a cupcake, or butter chicken, or grilled cheese. At the moment my need for a cheeseburger is unrequited but I am plotting. The thing is, because of other physiological changes, I can’t eat as much as I want to –  I get full fast and I feel terrible when my tummy is full.

… I’m going to scream right now thinking about how much I want one juicy, salty, cheesey cheeseburger on a smooshed, tomato-soggy bun with an ooze of pinkmayoketchup dripping toward my greedy hands. God help me. Be right back .

No, I didn’t go get a cheeseburger. I made a grilled cheese sandwich. Because that’s what you do when you can’t do everything: you do what you can.

I really did make a grilled cheese halfway through this post. Sometimes it comes together in the doing.

In the vast list that is everything, I decided, the first summer session at my community college is part of the everything I can’t do. My Drowsy Serenity is voracious, gobbling up so much of my energy and motivation that I cannot bear the thought of three-hour classes and two or three days a week of rushing on the metro from work to class and back home. But, like this delcious grilled cheese sandwich, I found the perfect substitute, and it’s probably more suited to my smaller appetite anyway: a non-credit online creative non-fiction course through the University of Wisconsin-Madison led by a writing professor and completed in my own time.  I can keep up a few hours of study sans classes, transit and finals, and make some progress on the goal of being a very good writer. I will share drafts and assignments here, and any other thoughts about writing that come my way as I work through the course.

It’s no cheeseburger, but this home-made grilled cheese sandwich hits the spot right now.


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Wisdom, extracted by Andreas, via Flickr Creative Commons

December 10 – Wisdom Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? – reverb10

I feel like 2010 was a cascade of decisions – things to do and not do, places to go and places to leave, what gets my time and what doesn’t. Underlying it all was my decision (acutally made right before 2010, but made in the spirit of 2010) was to begin writing One/Week. Cultivating my voice here has made so many other parts of my life this year richer. I set some goals for One/Week last year. Here’s what I wrote: (more…)

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I’ve been craving a prompt to get back into the swing of writing my blog – just to get ideas flowing again and redirect myself to this project that means so much to me. With my final exam for my (first ever!) college course just a couple days away, I feel a sense that I will soon have back some time to write. In addition, thanks (NOT for the first time!) to my blogging guru for bring “Reverb10” to my attention. You can learn more about the project here, but in a nutshell, it’s a series of writing prompts intended to help you look back at 2010, and create intentions for 2011. I’ve liked the prompts that Amanda has posted in her tweets, and today’s got my writing juices flowing again. Note: I should be studying. *wink* I’m taking this on as my December “blogathon” – but without the pressure to actually post every day, just the prompts to keep  my mind alive to the possibilities.

December 4: “Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?”

Amanda tweeted this while I was standing in a metro station this morning. I pondered a little, and my reply was: “Not deliberatly, but I could say that summer nights on the balcony with wine were the moments most likely to infuse me with a sense of wonder.” She tweeted back, “Say more! Why wonder?” (more…)

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