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If there are any readers left, greetings readers!

I can’t blame you if you left. What a horrible writer I’ve been the last three months (more? I lost count, and anyway I forgave myself already for not writing and frankly I’ve hinted at how freaking busy I’ve been so you know what, back off and cut me some slack and – oh, wait, if you’re reading now you have cut me slack and you’re still here reading and I should say instead: hey there, long time no see!) (more…)


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Every now and then there are some real winners in the land of inane but completely satisfying websites.  Here are the ones that have zinged me the best lately.

The Leila Texts “When you send a text message on the Verizon network, you can address your text by choosing a name out of your contact list, or you can address it by typing in a phone number. You can also type in a name. And if you type in L-E-I-L-A, then– bizarrely– your text will come to me. This is a blog about the texts I have received. All of them are from strangers, intended for other Leilas, but obviously they missed their marks.” My advice, read a few, then use the archives list to pick any random week and read a few more. It’s really funny and occasionally sweet and charming. Also, once, for a year or so, I received texts meant for some kid who was obviously somewhat active but often absent from his exciting church youth group events. I spent one long road trip texting back to his friends who wondered why he missed last night’s event with cryptic replies that probably resulted in awkward conversations for him later. (more…)

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Before I die

My friend and blogging spirit guide Amanda got charmingly reflective during her recent move from her first NYC home in the Lower East Side to her second NYC home in Brooklyn. She posted a list of 25 things she wants to do before she dies.  Her list (which included learning to cook good Indian food and basically visiting or living in nearly every coveted spot on the globe) got me thinking about my own intentions for my life. Here, for your inspiration, are twenty-five things I’d like to do before I die.

1. Drink French wine in France. (more…)

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Search terms that led someone to my blog yesterday: “person married a monkey”.


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Note: I’m not circulating this post through the normal channels. No need to alert half my organization that I was entertaining an offer.

It was a great job, too. They just couldn’t pay me jack, and on top of it, their leave policy is far less generous than that to which I’ve become accustomed.

I’d have been one of a team of two managing the DC wing of an org that teaches low-income kids to cook healthy meals in the context of world cuisine and cultural appreciation. There was a good deal of fundraising type work involved too. I’m not tooting my own horn when I say I was a perfect candidate.

But… I could not live on the salary they offered (even with major cuts to that gluttonous food budget). No matter how I sliced it, I couldn’t.

In other news, I’m going to college.

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