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I am weary of commemorating this day.

I am sickened by the exploitation of it by those pandering to constituents (religious or political). I am sad for the ghosts of the dead, who are lumped into a single grim spectre by the media (“those who lost their lives”) and their families, each different and affected in different ways, are one more mass (“those who lost a loved one”) to be resurrected annually to keep the emotions fresh. We pick at the scab, lest it heal, and we lose our appetite for war and fear. (more…)


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The first weekend of our honeymoon trip was spent in San Diego, where we had a great gathering of improvisers known as Barrel of Monkeys. When not improvising, we enjoyed some of San Diego’s fine offerings, mainly beaches and brews.

Blacks Beach, San Diego


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Merry Christmas 2009!

My first post, week one, is to celebrate the joy of our first Christmas married and living in our wonderful 10th floor apartment on 16th Street. Here are a few photos of our home decorated for Christmas!

I didn’t hang stockings this year. It seemed a little contrived — no children to convince of Santa’s arrival, and gifts of candy would definitely counteract our recently (re)intiated trips to the gym. What say you — do childless couples need Christmas stockings?

I’ll post a few highlights of the Big C-Day tomorrow – until then, merriest!

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