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How to drink more tea

I love Honest Tea but the stopped making the Moroccan Mint in half-gallon jugs. So I buy a few bottles each week to take to work with my lunch.

I usually drink my tea before noon because I love it too much to wait… then, I take a tea bag, thoughtfully provided by my workplace, and put that in my empty jar, and fill it half full with hot water.  After a couple hours in the fridge, I fill it the rest of the way with cold water and add a bit of agave syrup to sweeten, et voila – more tea.


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Meatless Monday: Black eyed peas, brown rice, roasted potatoes and kale - I'm getting good at this!

I can’t praise more highly the humble bean. Jack knew what was what when he traded the family cow for magic beans.

My birthday is in January, and Zach took me on a surprise trip to a cabin in West Virginia. Hot tub, screened porch, gas fireplace, soft bed. Need I say more? We got snowed in. Best. Birthday. Ever. On our way to the cabin, we stopped at a grocery store nearby for foodstuffs (I forgot to mention the kitchen). In addition to breakfast items and popcorn, we bought steaks and as an easy side, a can of black eyed peas. Later, when snow had locked us into our winter retreat, I cooked that can of beans to accompany the steaks and they tasted so heavenly. (more…)

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100 Things

1. Washington DC is the first big city I’ve ever lived in.

2. I am the oldest of eight children; I have five brothers and two sisters.

3. I love fresh cilantro. It smells like sunshine and I eat it at least once a week.

4. I am fascinated by the Chinese zodiac, ever since I learned I was a Fire Dragon (and not a Snake as some Chinese restaurant menus will tell you. While I was born in 1977, Chinese New Year typically falls after my birthday, making me a Dragon).

5. I perform improv. The Monkey (so named for his Chinese zodiac; we’re very compatible) got me into it after we started dating and I’m hooked.

6. I don’t think Kristin Wigg is funny.

7. I think The Office is funny.

8. I love wine, and have grown quite fond of mircobrew beers. I’ve even helped to brew beer, and will post pictures of that experience once the process is complete.

9. I have harvested hops. They smell like grapefruit and make me itch.

10. I love the smell of grapefruit. (more…)

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